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5 Useful Steps for Managing an Office Relocation from Specialists in Office Clearance Sheffield

Without proper planning, office moves can put a huge amount of stress on everyone involved. This article outlines the simple steps that you can take to make your relocation go as smoothly as possibly. As experts in office clearance Sheffield, Clearance and Clean Up help hundreds of businesses move premises every year, so continue reading for our top tips!

Office clearance Sheffield rubbish removalHave a Clear Idea of Your Requirements

You need to have a good idea about the logistics of your move, not just to keep yourself organised but to ensure that everyone involved in the moving process knows the score too. Apart from a clear idea of where you want to move to, how much space you will need, and when you need to be in the property by, you also need to think about the key features of your new office, your planned business objectives that the move needs to satisfy, and the type and length of lease that you want.

Start Early

It’s not a small task, moving offices. By starting early, you’ll have a greater chance of ensuring that the transition between leaving the old premises and getting into the new one is as smooth and stress free as possible. It’s a good idea to review your options with regard to lease expiration of your property, regardless of whether you want to stay or not, around a year before it’s due. This will give you time to plan for the future, think about relocation with a clear sense of where you want the business to progress to, and ensure that you have plenty of time to plan.

Create a Floor Plan for Your Office in Advance

Before moving your business into a new office, it’s really important to have a clear understanding of the layout of your new office space. Once you’ve planned out where everything will go, all you need to do is make this plan available at the new premises for everyone involved in the move, and with any luck, everything should end up in its proper place. This means taking measurements of the new office space well in advance of the move so that you know where everything will fit and where it will be positioned.

Hire a Professional Office Clearance Sheffield Company

It’s really important not to underestimate the size and scale of an office move. Hiring a man with a van or a company that only do house clearance and domestic moves may not provide the service you need. Household movers often severely underestimate commercial relocations, so hiring a company that is an expert in office clearance Sheffield is really important.

Take the Opportunity to Have a Clear Out!

Moving offices presents a fantastic opportunity to have a good clearout. Get rid of unwanted paperwork and take the time to go through all storage areas, clearing out as you go. If you’re worried that you’ll be short of space in your new office, consider a secure storage facility or archival documentation. This is a great way of freeing up valuable and more costly office space.

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