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Alternatives to Skip Hire & Why Skip Hire Isn't Always Ideal

Alternatives to Skip Hire

Are skips always best or are there better alternatives to skip hire? Whether it’s DIY, a house clearance or any other project. Skip hire is often the first thought when faced with a pile of rubbish. But what are the alternatives?

In this article we explore the pros and cons of skip hire and the available alternatives.

Do you need a Licence for skip hire?

If a skip is parked on private land then a license is not required. But a license is required if the skip will be left on a public road. It is illegal to leave a skip on the pavement.

Skip hire companies generally take responsibility for skip hire licenses. But this is not always the case. In some areas, people are responsible for sorting out their own skip license. For which you will need to contact your local council. Alternatives to skip hire do not require a license.

Do skips need lights?

Adding safety measures on or around a skip may be the responsibility of the person hiring. Depending on their local council.

These could include:

  • Reflectors
  • Cones
  • Signage
  • Lights
  • Etc

What Cannot go in a skip?

Not all rubbish is created equal. Some waste streams are hazardous to the environment and potentially harmful. In these cases, it’s important that the waste is dealt with appropriately. The extra processes and safety measures mean that the waste costs more to recycle/dispose of.

This means skip hire companies don’t generally accept these types of waste. If a customer was to include them then they’re likely to face financial penalties. As well as running the risk of the waste being returned.

Here’s a list of hazardous waste which cannot be disposed of with a skip hire company:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Clinical waste
  • Diesel
  • Electrical appliances and equipment
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Fridges
  • Freezers
  • Gas canisters and gas bottles
  • Hazardous and toxic materials
  • Liquids
  • Medical waste
  • Oil
  • Paint
  • Petrol
  • Plasterboard
  • Syringes
  • Tyres
  • TVs & computer screens

Please note: The contents of a skip are the responsibility of the person who hired it. If an outside party added prohibited items, the person hiring the skip would be liable. Skip hire alternatives do not come with these issues.

 What can you do if someone fills your skip?

 Fly-tippers should be reported to your local authority. But in the eyes of the law, the person who hired the skip is responsible for the waste. The alternative is to ensure no waste is dumped into the skip in the first place.

Here are some suggestions to help combat this:

  • Fill the skip as soon as possible: This is the best solution. Once a skip is filled, there is no space for fly-tippers and pick-up can be arranged.
  • Cover the skip with something like a tarpaulin sheet to make it more difficult to access.
  • Ensure the skip is left in a secure area which can be monitored.
  • Use motion sensitive security lights.

Is it an Offence to put rubbish in someone else's Skip?

Dumping waste in someone else’s skip without permission is seen as fly-tipping. Which is a fineable offence. But it’s not easy to find and prosecute the perpetrators. Especially if the waste holds no clues and there is no other evidence.

It’s often the case that the people who put rubbish in someone else’s skip are not fly-tippers per se. But neighbours who are of the attitude that they’d do the same for others. Or that a couple of extra items won’t hurt.

But this could end up increasing costs if it means the maximum capacity is exceeded. Or the items contain hazardous materials. Alternatives to skip hire take away this issue and the opposite problem. Skip diving.

What is skip diving?

Skip diving is the act of rummaging through people’s skips to look for salvageable items. Others will go through the waste in a skip in search of scrap metal. Some see this as a worthwhile pastime. Saving them money, saving the person who hired the skip space and being green.

But people don’t always ask for permission. Not everyone takes part in skip diving with the best intentions. Some will happily rummage through a skip taking out items and make a mess. Leaving the person who hired the skip responsible for any issues this may cause. Or at the very least, with the headache of cleaning up and adding waste back into the skip.


Alternatives to skip hire

Without a doubt, the best alternative to skip hire is a man and van service. It eliminates heavy lifting. They will take most waste. There’s no waiting around for skips to be delivered/collected. No licensing fees and no extra costs for waste that was never yours.

A man and van service will take anything from a single item, which wouldn’t warrant a skip. To multiple truckloads, taking away the hassle of arranging many skips. Making them the perfect alternative to skip hire.

Here at Clearance & Clean Up our man and van teams will collect your waste within 48 hours of booking and you won’t need to lift a finger. Our office team will ensure you receive a hassle-free service from inquiry to completion. Providing the paperwork to show the waste is recycled legally and ethically.

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