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The Martlets is a Hospice in Hove.  Hospices can have a rather morbid reputation but not the Martlets - their ethos is to help people live well.  Not everyone who comes to the Martlets is going to die imminently but can live long and fulfilled lives but need the help of places like the Martlets to do so.  The chief executive, Imelda Glackin is emphasising exactly what the Martlets is all about as they celebrate their 18th birthday.

What does the Martlets offer?

  • Inpatient care
  • Day care
  • Respite
  • An at home service to care and support people in their own homes
  • 24 home care
  • Help to live a good and fulfilled life
  • Support in a variety of ways – physical, medical, emotional, mental etc.
  • Promotes medical welfare
  • Doctors, a Consultant, a discharge co-ordinator
  • Physiotherapists
  • Freshly made food, made to order on the premises
  • Hospice Café
  • Afternoon activities eg. T’ai chi massage and reflexology
  • Martlets Care Agency (private care service)

In the bright and airy, modern building, a dedicated and devoted team of staff and volunteers work to make sure their patients have everything they need.  It is a long way from the stuffy, regime of a hospital which many of the patients have been subjected to and there is even a resident cat, Misty, who can put a smile on anyones face.

Funding to Keep The Martlets Alive

The Martlets is not part of the NHS so receives a very small amount of government funding.  So in order to survive they need to raise £11,000 per day to raise the £5.4m a year running costs, which includes being able to pay the 225 staff.  To do this, the Martlets have all sorts of fundraising events, including:

  • A weekly lotterygrand-piano-house-clearance
  • 10 shops
  • Furniture warehouse
  • A house clearance service
  • eBay shop (online)
  • Online book sales
  • Martlets Midnight Walk
  • Brighton Marathon

The Martlets and House Clearance

The Martlets offer their own house clearance service where they offer to clear and clean properties of any size and either partially or fully empty and clean the property.  They pack and remove all items which they know are saleable, including white goods, which they are able to sell in their Martlets shops.  Anything which is not saleable is recycled and anything which needs specialist disposal is a chargeable service, such as chemicals or paints.

The cost for this service is dependent on the size of the property in question and whether a full or partial clear and clean has been requested.  All of the profit from the items sold from the house clearances go to the Martlets Hospice itself, so that the incredible staff there can continue to use their “CARE, COMPASSION AND SUPPORT” to provide for their patients for the rest of their lives.

House Clearance Sheffield

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