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Changing Hoarders Lives with House Clearance Sheffield

house clearance sheffieldAs experienced providers of a variety of clearance services such as office clearance, rubbish removal and house clearance Sheffield, Clearance and Clean Up have seen many a house full to the brim with a selection of household objects, furniture and rubbish. It’s not uncommon for us to struggle our way into a property because of all the items crammed inside, but one thing can be assured, we always manage to get the property clean and clear by the time we’ve finished the job!

Extreme Hoarding and Hoarding Disorder

The media has been awash with cases of extreme hoarding over the last few years. As the problem enters widespread knowledge and more and more people become aware of those living with the condition commonly known as “hoarding disorder”, several programmes have popped up on our TV screens. From the Channel 5 documentary ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ focussed around 3 hoarder cases, to the Channel 4 series ‘The Hoarder Next Door’, the public are slowly becoming aware of the amount of people in the UK affected by this debilitating disorder.

Health Risks Related to Hoarding

There are, of course, many problems with the act of hoarding in a home, and the behaviour has been linked to health risks, impaired functioning, and alienation of family members. It is thought that as many as between 2-5% of the adult population suffer from hoarding disorder, so it’s far more common than you may think.

With a range of therapeutic interventions available to help those with hoarding disorder, there is no reason why people suffering from the condition cannot take steps to regain control of their mental health and de-clutter their homes so that they are safe places to live again.

Therapeutic Interventions and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is a common course of treatment for compulsive hoarding, and this therapeutic intervention can be incredibly effective. By working closely with a patient, the therapist involved will help the sufferer to understand why they are compelled to hoard, and slowly begin to organise their possessions so that they are able to decide what they want to keep and what they are willing to let go of.

Removing clutter from the home can produce promising results, but needs to be done carefully with the help of a therapist. However, once the items have been identified as possessions the sufferer is able to let go of comfortably, the help of house clearance Sheffield services can be utilised.

House Clearance Sheffield Services

Here at Clearance and Clean Up, we are very experienced in the process of removing unwanted items from properties that have been, or still are occupied by those who have suffered with hoarding related disorders. After effective therapy, our staff can de-clutter and clean a house, making a huge difference to the life of the occupant of the house or the person in charge of the property.

If you need help de-cluttering and cleaning with a house clearance Sheffield, Clearance and Clean Up can help. If you would like to receive a quote for house clearance in Sheffield, please call us on 0114 403 1021 or email [email protected]

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