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A Guide To Chesterfield Recycling Centre

In this article, we address some of the frequently asked questions around Chesterfield recycling centre. Where to find it and what waste streams are accepted.

If you don’t find the information you need here, but would like your waste collected and recycled in the next 24 to 48 hours. Click here to see what our Chesterfield recycling team can do for you.

Chesterfield Recycling Centre

Address: Sheffield Road, Chesterfield, S41 7LF
Phone: 01629 533190

Opening times

8:30am to 6pm daily
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day

What waste is accepted at Chesterfield recycling centre?

Furniture, Single room carpets, Electrical appliances, Wood & chipboard from DIY projects, Green garden waste, Old clothes & textiles, Paper, Cardboard, Glass bottles & jars, Plastic bottles & containers. Engine oil, Camping gas stove cylinders (4 max), Bin waste, Crockery, Batteries, Cooking oil, Light bulbs, Paint, Mattresses.

What waste is not accepted at Chesterfield recycling centre?

Commercial waste, Trade waste, Waste from charities, Tree trunks, Branches over 15cm diameter, Vehicle parts, Vehicle batteries, Kitchen units, Whole bathroom suites, Greenhouses, Sheds, Fencing, Decking, Soiled pet bedding, Pet litter.

Do they accept tyres at Chesterfield recycling centre?

Yes, up to 4 domestic tyres.

Does Chesterfield recycling centre accept Windows?

Yes, up to 2 window frames, with or without glass.

Please note: It is the legal obligation of a tradesperson to dispose of their waste.

Does Chesterfield recycling centre accept gas cannisters?

No, however most gas cannisters are not waste. They carry a value created by the deposit made on initial purchase. Contact the cannister maker. Or, if you cannot identify the brand of the cannister then contact a gas supplier.

Does Chesterfield Recycling centre accept rubble?

Concrete, cement, mortar & ceramics are accepted up to 50kg or 2 builders sacks.

Does Chesterfield Recycling centre accept soil & turf?

Soil and turf are accepted up to 50kg or 2 builders sacks.

Is asbestos accepted at Chesterfield recycling centre?

A maximum of 2 roofing sheets or 2 metres of downpipe are accepted. It must be dampened with water and double wrapped in plastic before transit.

You must inform a member of staff when you arrive and may not return to site with more.

Is plasterboard accepted at Chesterfield recycling centre?

Up to 50kg or 2 builders sacks of plasterboard are accepted. It must be kept separate from all other waste. Full sheets of plasterboard are not accepted.

Does Chesterfield recycling centre accept fire extinguishers?

Domestic fire extinguishers up to 2kg are accepted. For larger units contact a supplier.

Does Chesterfield recycling centre accept household chemicals?

Up to 5 litres or 5kg of household hazardous waste can be accepted. For larger amounts or to check if your waste is accepted, call: 01629538120
Need more help?
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