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Clearing a Council or Private Rented Property?

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If you need to clear a private rented, council property or house that is being returned to the housing association, then do you know where to start?  So many people either leave them in the incorrect, not agreed state or have questions which are not answered in time for their move.  So we thought it would be helpful for us to write a checklist for you, to help you with your move.

Clearing your Property Correctly

Here are the most important points and questions to ask or raise with your landlord:

  • When do the premises need to be vacated by? This is often the date that the rent is paid up until.
  • How clean does the property need to be – clean or spotless and immaculate?
  • Do the carpets need removing? Most councils want the carpet to be removed.
  • Does the lino in the bathroom and the kitchen need removing?
  • Are the curtains to be left so that the property is secure as it will look lived in?
  • Are there any items of furniture that belong to either the landlord or the housing association?
  • Who does the cooker belong to?
  • If your property has a fitted stairlift, you must check whether it has been provided by the council or the landlord. Does it need removing?
  • You must be happy with the condition you are leaving your communal areas or outbuildings.
  • Who is paying the invoice? Almost every time this is the tenant, but sometimes the landlord may part for particular parts or services to be undertaken, such as the removal of the carpets.

How can Clearance and Clean Up help you?

With regards to the above list, we can do a lot to help you…well, actually we can do everything on the list that the landlords needs you to have done!

We can:

  • Help you empty, clean, vacate and move to a high standard and on time.
  • We can clean your property to the highest of standard and leave nothing but the shell of the property if that is what is asked of you. Our standard service includes a sweep out of your property.  Please specify that if you would like us to deep clean when you phone us, as this is not done as part of a standard service, but can easily be arranged.
  • We frequently remove carpets from council or private rented properties.
  • We are able to remove lino, too, if your landlord requires this.
  • We can remove and dispose of curtains for you.
  • We are able to move furniture for you or your landlord.
  • We are able to disconnect your cooker safely if it needs removing and happily do this you at no extra cost.
  • It is far cheaper for you if we remove your stairlift for you than a stairlift company.
  • If anything needs in communal areas or outbuildings is yours needs lifting or removing then we can do this for you. You don’t have to lift a thing – that’s our job – moving is stressful enough!
  • We keep the price down in every possible way we can because we know how difficult moving property is! Our honesty is what you can rely on and what we pride ourselves on.

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Contact Clearance and Clean Up


If you are in need of a house clearance team who are guaranteed to make your house clearance run as smoothly and as economically as possible and you are in the Yorkshire area, including SheffieldChesterfield and Worksop, then give Tom and his friendly, professional team a call today on 0800 410 1086, email at [email protected] or click here to be taken directly to the Clearance and Clean Up website.

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