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Councils Bulky Waste Collection

Council Bulky Waste Service.

Hello. Tom Pickering here, Clearance And Clean Up Ltd.

In this short blog, I'm going to talk to you about your Local Council's bulky waste collection service.

Bulky waste collection services are operated by many councils up and down the country, whether a small Town Council or a large District Council. Some are good. Some are not so good. So, in this short blog, I'm going to go through some pros and cons of using your Local Council's bulky waste collection service versus using a private ‘man and van’ collection service.

Your Council’s collection service is subsidised through their government funding and this often makes the cost to you cheaper than hiring a ‘man and van’ service like Clearance And Cleanup. They will take the majority of large household furniture and appliances, eg sofas, beds, mattresses, washing machines, fridges, etc from your property.

You also can be assured that they are dealing with your waste legitimately. They will issue you with the correct paperwork and you know your waste is being taken to the correct facility to make sure it is recycled and any items that can be reused will be reused, possibly by local charities.

However, there are downsides to using your Local Council’s service.

In the majority of cases, they only operate in certain geographical areas on certain days, so this will restrict you in terms of how quickly your items can be removed.   You may need to book two or more weeks in advance for your collection to be added to their route.

You also need to be able-bodied. You need to be able to get the items outside to the pavement yourself.  The Council’s teams do not remove items from inside properties.

Councils also have quite a restrictive list on what items they will and won't take.  Refurbishment waste, for the majority of councils, being one of the waste types that they will not take, ie bathroom and kitchen refurbishments. They also generally don't take bagged black bin waste.

A private company, like Clearance And Clean Up, even though slightly more expensive, will take all waste streams. They will remove items from inside of the property if you need them to, and they will also issue you with the correct paperwork to ensure that your items are recycled correctly.

There are ways to keep costs down when using a private company by helping to reduce the time it takes them to remove your waste.  Having appliances unplugged and ready to be carried out of your property and ensuring there is a clear path to the outside will help, should you not be able to place the items out yourself.  If you have a number of different types of waste, it should be separated out into its different types, and all small items bagged up ready for easy removal.  If items can be neatly stacked outside in an accessible place, this all helps cut down the time it takes the team to remove them.

Of course, if you are not able to prepare the items, this can be done for you, but you have to expect a slightly higher charge for this service.

So, in summary.

A council's bulky waste collection service is discounted, it's subsidized by the government and, used correctly and booked in advance, it can be a fantastic service.

Using a ‘man and van service’ can cost you slightly more, but you can book short notice, you can book online, and you can also have a two-man team come and collect your items or your waste from anywhere within your property.

You can check out the transparent Clearance And Clean Up Prices Here

Always make sure you are dealing with a licensed Company please check here 


I hope you found this blog helpful.  If you have any questions, please just get in touch and if we can help you with your waste removal please just contact us either by phone or via our website.

Thank you.

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