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De-cluttering Before Moving House

De-cluttering Before Moving House

Being prepared is half the battle.

lets start by drawing up a list of items you are 100% going to take because you don't want to be paying a removal company to transport both items that you are then going to pay again to dispose of at the other end.

Once you have your 100% list then look at the stuff that you might like to take and be firm with yourself especially if you are moving into a smaller property.

This should then leave you with a load of items that you no longer want, double and triple check this as you don't want to be disposing of the family jewels.

Check if there are any items that could be donated to charity but be wary that charities can be very fussy and have their hands tied on what they can and cannot

Some common questions when it comes to getting rid of items prior to your big move, I can only answer these from the way our service works but most are similar.

  1. Do I need to bag everything up? (A) No but it will keep the cost down as the less time the team are onsite the less its costs.
  2. Do we need to take apart bulky items? (A) No the team will take them apart if they will not come out in one piece.
  3. Do my items go to landfill? (A) this will depend but generally most transfer stations operate a 100% landfill diversion rate.
  4. How much will it cost? (A) This will all depend on a number of factors you can find more details here.
  5. Can I book 24/7 online? (A) Yes both no problem again here is the link
  6. Do I need to be issues with any paperwork or certification? (A) yes you should always be issued with a waste transfer note and a full VAT invoice.

There is a couple of things that will come in handy when doing a de-clutter before moving.

  1. Black plastic refuge sacks
  2. Cardboard boxes for glassware
  3. Lots of energy.
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Tom Pickering

Tom Pickering

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