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Disposing Of Your Old Mattress

Unfortunately, mattresses are one of the most likely  items  fly-tipped  across the UK. Whether they’re left dumped in a hedge back, or condemned to communal bin areas, mattresses are large and bulky and can accrue extra charges to dispose of. let’s take a look at how you can responsibly dispose of your mattress ( That won't cost the earth) You can find out more about mattress collection and disposal charges HERE


Fly-Tipping Soars During UK Lockdown

Mattresses Facts

Firstly, it’s important to realise just how many mattresses are being replaced and disposed of in the UK each year. The National Bed Federation (NBF) states that 6.8 million units were sold in 2015, whilst a mere 879,000 were recycled or reused. That’s a recycling rate of just 13%, which is a very scary fact and who knows where the rest of the mattresses go

Can your mattress be recycled?

It’s often assumed that mattresses cannot be recycled. Mattresses are made of up various forms of foam, latex and metal or steel springs, it’s not as simple a process as some people may think and can become very time consuming. This can result it it being a costly process but mattress recycling is becoming more popular throughout the uk as more company joint the mattress recycling process

Springs can be removed from the mattress and melted down to make other products from the metal, whilst the foam has previously being used as carpet underlay and filling for teddies etc. The fabric material within the mattress will normally be used as RDF (fuel in an energy-to-waste facility). This process mainly carried out by hand, and is therefore both labour intensive which results in a higher cost top the customer.

Sometime the company that is delivering your new bed will take away your old mattress , this is normally at a cost take time to check the terms and conditions which should highlight their process for recycling your old mattress.

Man & Van rubbish collection companies can remove your old mattress to a recycling facility for a fee, but it is important to make sure you know where your mattress is going to end up before hiring such a company – you don't want to end up on the wrong side of the law if you item happens to be fly tipped

The True Cost Of Mattress Disposal.

There is a certain in mattress recycling, predominantly, that it all needs to be done by hand as the springs can cause lots of damage to recycling centre shredding machines.  Charges by local councils can vary but normally they can collect for around  £18, The down side to using a council collection service is the service level sometimes it can take weeks and in most cases has to at the road side.


Clearance And Clean Up Ltd can collect you mattress on a next day basis anywhere throughout the uk and we ensure they collected and disposed of in the correct manor. Correct paperwork and before and after pictures will always be provided. You can find out more about us and our services here


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