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Fridge Collection is Sheffield (Legal Disposal)

Fridge Collections In Sheffield

Fridge collection in Sheffield and disposal of fridges in the Sheffield region comes with a certain element of problems and cost. This is down to a few different factors but the main ones are the gases in the copper canister at the rear and the insulation that is used within the fridge unit.

If i leave them outside will the scrap man take them?

The short answer to this is no as their is no benefit other than the copper pot on the back for the scrap man. Hence why you see so many at the road side with the copper pots chopped off. It is also you legal resposibility to ensure all your white goods including fridges are collected and disposed of correctly.

Fridge Recycling Process.

Fridges are transported via a conveyor belt through a sluice with a double door system. The sluice works as an air locked entry gate for refrigerators. After passing through the airlocks, fridges are loaded into a two shaft shredder where the units are pre-shredded. The material then enters a hammer mill which reduces its size to circa. 50mm fragments and the PUR foam is separated from the other materials.

Foam and plastics are separated using a ZZ separator and the foam is then processed through a shredder, autoclaves in series, and press to produce briquettes, releasing the CFCs and other gases from the foam. The entire plant is operated under negative pressure with nitrogen used throughout the process to reduce oxygen content to prevent any fires or explosion. Gases released during the process are diverted to the solvent recovery unit (Activated Carbon) where they are captured.

The recovered material outputs from the process include: Ferrous metals, Non-ferrous metals, Plastics, Gas, Cables, Glass, Oil, Compressors and Foam briquettes.

The full process is available to view HERE


Cost of fridge collection in Sheffield

Fridge collection in Sheffield by Clearance And Clean Up Ltd the regions largest and most reviewed waste collection company will depend on the number of units and if they are domestic or commercial. Remember both fridges and freezers both come under the same cost.

  • Domestic Fridges from £36.00 Inc Vat.
  • Commercial Fridges from £65.00 Inc.
  • Discounts for multiple units available.

Licenses & Certification

Clearance And Clean Up will always provide you with a full VAT invoice and waste transfer note and if you are a commercial customer you will also be issued with a consignment note.

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