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Top Tips for Making Your House Clearance Sheffield Run Smoothly

house clearance sheffield beforeAlthough it may seem like a mammoth task, house clearance Sheffield doesn’t have to be stressful. With simple planning and organisation you can ensure that your house clearance runs as smoothly as possible, and here are our top 5 tips to help you out!

Plan Your House Clearance

Although it may seem like you have plenty of time, house clearances always take longer than you think! The key thing to do here is plan ahead, and allocate a substantial amount of time to each room. As a general rule, half a day per room is a good timeframe. You may think that this is too much, but everyone knows that the more time you allow for a task, the less stressful it is for you!

Sort Out Your Possessions

A house clearance is a great opportunity to sort through everything that you have accumulated over the years and make a decision about what you are going to do with it. You may decide that there are some things that you no longer need, or haven’t used for a long period time. In this case, set aside everything that you’d either like to sell or donate to charity, and bin the rest. Try to be as ruthless as you can when doing this, for example, if something isn’t beautiful or useful, the chances are you can do without it.

Decide On Volume

Once you have sorted out everything that you wish to keep, sell or donate, or throw away, you need to try to work how much stuff you actually have in each category. Try to think about the quantity in terms of skips, which will help you to calculate the amount.

Arrange House Clearance

Once you have decided on the amount of stuff you have to move, start with everything you want to keep. You may decide to move it yourself, or you could hire a specialist removal company to help you with the job. There are lots of options available for the stuff you wish to donate, for example, your local charity or social enterprise will certainly be grateful for anything that you can spare. For things you’d like to sell, Gumtree and Ebay are great online platforms.

House Clearance Sheffield Services

For anything you want to get rid of altogether, you could take it to the local skip, or call the council to arrange a collection. Bear in mind that it may take a number of weeks for the council to arrange to come and collect it, and you’ll have to make sure everything is outside the property ready for collection. You could consider hiring a skip, but they do come at a cost and you’ll have to do all the loading yourself. The other alternative is to hire a house clearance Sheffield company like Clearance and Clean Up to come and remove the junk. The advantages here are that you won’t have to pay for a skip licence, and the company will help you with all the lifting and shifting!

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