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House Clearances Debunked

House Clearances Debunked – DIY vs the professionals

There are many reasons for needing to carry out a house clearance – some of them time sensitive, others less so. Whatever the circumstances you usually have a choice. Do you hire a skip and do it yourself or call in the professionals. As with any decision, the circumstances can dictate the best course of action and in urgent situations where time is of the essence there is little doubt that calling in the professionals will be the right call.

Your choice will also depend on the scope of the job at hand and your own working situation. You may just decide to clear a couple of rooms in the house or even just the garage. This may not sound too arduous a task, but many a person has gone into a house clearance job having underestimated the extent of the work and suffered as a result.

Your initial reaction to the suggestion of calling in a company to do the job might be to baulk at the thought of the expense. However things only get really costly if there is a great many so called ‘hazardous’ items or a lot of ‘hazardous material’ to dispose of – as this costs the company money. Otherwise you will probably be pleasantly surprised with many of the competitive rates on the market. On the flipside, if you were to undertake the work yourself, you would have the cost of hiring the skip, getting rid of hazardous materials and would need to find the time and manpower to find a home for all the other items, including furniture.
Should you decide to go down the DIY route you will need to be very organized and have a system whereby items are separated into categories such as:

  • Tip
  • Charity
  • eBay
  • Gifts
  • Keep

Doing this will make your clear-up operation go far more smoothly and reduce the workload when it comes to moving everything out. This also will ensure that you do not get rid of anything of value, sentimental or otherwise and should you call in the professionals you should also make sure that you remove anything that you don’t want taken away before the day of the clearance.

Time is often the biggest factor when it comes to house clearances. You might need to move swiftly because the house is being sold or rented or you might not have the time yourself to do the job justice. Where time is an issue you would certainly be better of calling in the professionals, who have the experience and equipment to make sure that everything is done in a prompt and efficient manner, while you go about your normal working or family life.

Calling in a specialist house clearance company can also be the greener option as they have access and knowledge when it comes to recycling. Some companies even claim to achieve a near 100% recycle rate. This can help set your mind at ease that your clearance job is not causing any environmental damage.

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Tom Pickering

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