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How Can You Reduce the Cost of YOUR House Clearance?




Tom’s Top Tips

  1. Get yourself organised – this is the key for a smooth, successful and the most economical house clearance possible for everybody involved.
  2. Remove the items that you definitely want to keep so that clearance can be done with minimum fuss and confusion.
  3. Give reusable items, which are in a good condition, to your family and friends – it’s a nice way to recycle your used items without throwing them away unnecessarily.
  4. Bagging up clothing, towels and bedding BEFORE we arrive can really speed up the clearance process and reduce the length of time drastically that we are on site for.
  5. This is the same for the kitchen cupboards, which are best emptied on to the kitchen sides.
  6. Get permission from your neighbours, regarding parking and pedestrian access.
  7. Make sure we have clear access for us to manoeuvre and for our vans, too – the quicker and it is easier it is for us, the more cost effective it is for you and obviously we want to avoid damaging anything or obtaining any injuries from tripping over anything etc.
  8. The more you are able to do in advance, prepare, pack up or move, the less time we will spend in your property and therefore the cheaper your house clearance will be. The longer it takes us, the more expensive it will be for you.

What is A Big Hindrance During a House Clearance?

  • People not having front and back door keys for us to use so access is limited or denied.
  • Wanted and unwanted items being mixed together – it is always best to have the wanted items cleared first and separately from your unwanted items to avoid any of your wanted items being removed and disposed of accidentally.


What Makes a House Clearance CHEAPER FOR YOU?

  • You being organised
  • You having a list of the large items that you wish us to deal with which you can tell us about when you ring us up and book us to do your house clearance over the phone. Large items include items such as beds, sofas, wall units, Pianos, wardrobes etc.

What is the Average Cost of a House Clearance?

This is 100% dependent on the property size, the volume of items of removal and the length of time we are on site for.  But here is a rough idea for you of different types of average property house clearance prices:

1 bedroom flat                  =             £230

2 bedroom terrace          =             £295

3 bedroom house            =             £295 to £455

These prices are based on normally furnished properties and do not include garages or outbuildings.  Neither do these prices include the take up or removal of carpets.

Contact Clearance and Cleanup Today

If you are in need of house clearance services for house clearances Sheffield then why not get in touch with us here at Clearance and Clean Up.  We offer fair and competitive rates and cover the whole of Yorkshire.  We are available to work for you 7 days a week to fit in around your busy schedule at no extra fee and we are fully insured to clear your house for you to the highest of standard, in as eco-friendly a manner as possible.  So contact Tom Pickering today on 0800 410 1086, email us at [email protected] or click here to go directly to our website to find out more information about our company and the services we offer.


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Tom Pickering

Tom Pickering

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