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How To Dispose of a Mattress.



There are many safe and responsible ways to dispose of your old mattress that you no longer require.


Firstly contacting your local council, they may offer a pick up service which is minimal hassle to yourself and they generally include a certain amount of items for a fixed price


Another option is to take it to your local council tip via car, but you will need to check with them first to see if this is an option they offer as some local councils  don’t offer this service, the only downside to this is that you will have to find an adequate sized vehicle to transport it there. 


Could the company your buying your new mattress from possibly offer a “take it away” service as part of you buying a new one from them?

The Law.

A registered rubbish removal firm will offer a really quick and simple service and take away your old mattress and leave you with the correct paperwork so you know your mattress has been disposed of correctly.


I hope this gives you a few options and ideas of the best way to dispose of your mattress


Prices can be found here for the whole of Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Prices


Clearance And Clean Up offer mattress and single item collection across the whole of Yorkshire and the Greater Manchester area. In most cases these can be collected same day from both inside and outside of the property.


Something to remember is that mattress can absorb quite a bit of water if left outside. This can make them very heavy and hard to remove. Which can also increase the cost of disposal due to the fact waste is disposed of based on weight.

Mattress Recycling.

All Mattresses can be recycled in one way or another because there are a quite a few different types the process can change from foam ones to metal strung ones. Recycling methods change as technology and equipment improves.


You can check if your company is licensed HERE

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