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What to do about Milton Keynes Fly Tipping

Fly tipping in Milton Keynes has been on the rise lately. With an average of 500 incidents per month. In this article, we look at why fly tipping happens. As well as ways to avoid it and what you can do to report it.

What causes fly tipping in Milton Keynes?

Most commonly, fly tipping is caused by waste carriers offering unrealistic prices. Customers don’t always realise the cost waste carriers face when disposing of their waste. Sometimes believing that their waste will be taken to a household recycling centre free of charge. But this is not the case.

Waste carriers are not able to take waste to a household recycling centre. They must pay to take waste to a commercial recycling centre. The amount they are charged depends on the weight and volume of the waste.

But, on top of the general charges, they are also charged additional costs on items such as fridges and mattresses. This is why you often see these items fly tipped. Leaving the customer liable.


What can I do to avoid my items being fly tipped?

Check for a waste carriers license

Every waste carrier must have a waste carriers license to be legitimate. You can check if the person you hire to take your waste has a waste carriers license here.

There have been incidents of people who have a waste carriers licence being caught fly tipping. With this in mind it is important to make a copy of the details on the waste carriers license.

This will mean you can show who took your waste if you have any repercussions. If a rogue waste carrier knows you took their details then it will make them more likely to dispose of the waste properly.

Be realistic about price

Bear in mind that the person who takes your waste must pay to dispose of it. They must pay additional costs for items such as fridges and mattresses. They must pay to run their van, staff and any other business costs. Then they need to be left with a profit in order to keep their business running.

Be honest with yourself. Does the price you have been quoted reflect this? If the answer is no then the chances are the waste will not be disposed of properly.

Get a waste transfer note

A waste transfer note shows that your waste was disposed of legally and ethically. Make sure the waste carrier you hire knows you expect to see your paperwork.


Who can I trust to remove my waste?

You can get an instant quote and book online with our Milton Keynes recycling team 24/7. We guarantee a legal and ethical disposal and provide all the paper work to prove it. We will collect your waste from anywhere, inside or outside, your property so you don’t need to lift a finger. Book now and we will be with you within 24 to 48 hours.


How can I report Milton Keynes fly tipping?

Firstly, if you catch someone in the act of fly tipping then do not approach them. Bear in mind that these people are committing a crime and may not take lightly to being disturbed. There have been incidents of people being assaulted when approaching fly tippers.

You can report fly tipping to Milton Keynes council here.

You will need the address or the closest postcode of the waste. The amount and type of waste on the site. Any details you have safely acquired about the fly tippers or their vehicle.

Also, see where you can report, view and discuss local issues.

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