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This blog is aimed to give you some helpful tips and tricks when organising a garden clearance.

As Summer approaches, people are beginning to look at their gardens to prepare them for the long, lazy months ahead.  Often this can involve cutting back bushes and trees, getting rid of old patio furniture which is going to be replaced, disposing of old barbecues, and getting rid of any rubbish that’s been stored in the garden over the winter months. The garden may even be being re-designed or landscaped in some way.

Man & Van

A man and van clearance service is often the method of choice when it comes to garden clearances. The price you are charged will be worked out on three factors.  One: The time it will take the men on site to clear it.  Two: The space that the items take up on the truck.  And three: the weight of the items.

Do Your Checks

Before you book a company to undertake the clearance work for you, send them some photos of the items to be disposed of and get a quote from them.  This is important from both sides.  The company need to make sure that they can deal with the size of the job and know how much room they will need on their van, and you need to know how much it is going to cost.  By sending photos to the company they can quote much more accurately.  I would always also recommend that you explain how the items for clearance can be accessed, as this can affect how long the job takes to complete.  For example, if your garden is enclosed and items will need to be taken out through the house, this may take longer than if there is a gate directly into the garden and the van can be parked right up to the gate.

Something further to consider is, when you are collecting the items together, if you are willing to do a little preparation work, then you can reduce your costs for their removal.

Top Tips

The first tip here is to make sure the items to be disposed of are easily accessible for the men who come to site.  Stacking the items neatly, in the most accessible place, will mean your costs will be reduced.

when there are lots of small items, then it is useful to bag this waste up. So that the clearance company can handle it more easily.  If the men are having to pick up individual small items, then it will take much more time than picking up one sack of rubbish.

If you would like to reduce your costs even further, then splitting the items by waste stream will help to do this.  Keep garden waste, such as hedge trimmings, separate to any building rubble.  Keep old furniture separate.  Any electricals separate.  And so on.  If each category of waste is in separate, neat, accessible piles, it will really help to keep your costs down. The clearance company won’t have to spend time sorting it out before disposal.

Always arrange a time and date for the clearance to take place so that you can be present.  Once everything is on the van, the company will provide you with a Waste Transfer Note.  This ensures that you are covered for the legal disposal of the items that are being taken.  Without one, your items could be fly tipped, and you could be held legally responsible even though you paid for them to be disposed of (see my blog on fly tipping).

Be Ahead Of The Game

In the end, the more preparation you are willing to do, the cheaper the clearance will be.  I hope you find the tips above helpful in your preparations.  If I can be of any further help, then please just get in touch.  My name is Tom Pickering from Clearance and Cleanup.

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