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Rotherham Fly Tipping: Why It Happens and How To Report It

Fly tipping is rife in the UK right now and Rotherham is no exception. There are over 77 reported cases per week. With the worst 5 areas said to be Common Road – Harthill, Town Lane – Kimberwoth Park, America Lane – Brampton, Long Lane – Treeton and Back lane – Greasbrough.

In this article, we look at the cause of fly tipping in Rotherham. As well as how to avoid becoming involved with fly tipping. And how to report it.


What is the cause of fly tipping in Rotherham?

It’s easy to assume that fly tipping only affects less affluent areas. As there are generally more incidents and a larger amount of littering. But this is not always the case.

Not only does fly tipping take place all over Rotherham. Including in rural areas. Much of the fly tipped waste comes from people who believe they have paid for a legal and reliable service.

To dispose of waste legally and ethically is not cheap. But people often hunt for bargain prices. The issue with this is that the “waste carriers” can’t turn a profit when the price is too low. Which means they must fly tip the waste in order to make money.


What if I paid for waste to be removed and it was fly tipped in Rotherham?

If your waste has been fly tipped then you are responsible. You are liable for fines and legal charges. In the eyes of the law, your waste is your responsibility.


How do I avoid my waste being fly tipped?

The first thing to ensure is that the company you use has a waste carriers license. But unfortunately, this check alone isn’t enough. The nature of the race to the bottom for price means that even people with waste carriers licenses have been caught fly tipping.

Price is a very good indicator. If it seems too good to be true then it is too good and will be fly tipped. People are often under the illusion that waste carriers will take their waste to a household recycling centre free of charge. But commercial waste doesn’t work this way.

Every ounce of waste taken away needs to be paid for at a commercial recycling centre. With extra costs added for items such as fridges, TV’s and mattresses. This is why you see these sorts of items regularly fly tipped.

It is often the case that people posing as proper waste carriers will offer ridiculously low prices. This can be tempting. But the fact is that these prices won’t cover the running costs of their van and the charges incurred through proper disposal. Which means they must fly tip the waste in order to turn a profit. Leaving the customer liable to legal proceedings.

A proper waste company will be able to guarantee a legal and ethical waste disposal by providing you with a waste transfer note. This is a document provided by the recycling centres which proves the whereabouts of the waste and how it has been treated.

So, to make sure your waste isn’t fly tipped:

  1. Ensure the company has a waste carriers license.
  2. Think about price: If it’s too low, your waste will be fly tipped.
  3. You must receive a waste transfer note.


Who should I use to remove my waste?

You can get an instant quote and book online with our Rotherham recycling team 24/7. We guarantee a legal and ethical disposal and provide all the paper work to prove it.

We will collect your waste from anywhere, inside or outside, your property so you don’t need to lift a finger. Book now and we will be with you within 24 to 48 hours.


How do I report fly tipping in Rotherham?

Use this link if you wish to report a small amount of litter (Under a single black bag).

Use this link to report fly tipping within the Rotherham borough.

Use this link to report rubbish in a garden.


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