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Sheffield Half Marathon | Waste Collection

Sheffield Half Marathon

Hello and thank you for visiting our blog on the Sheffield Half Marathon waste collection we here at Clearance And Clean Up Ltd wanted share some facts and figures with you about the waste collection and recycling that took place at this years Sheffield Half Marathon and share with you some of the good bits and also some of the more difficult parts.


  1. 7k Runners approximately entered Sheffield Half Marathon
  2. 13.1 mile course
  3. 01.22.12 fastest time
  4. 3.5 Tonnes of recycled waste collected and recycled
  5. 20 Number of Wheelie bins used
  6. 29 Number of Gravel bags filled
  7. ££££££ of money raised for local charities

Recycling Facts Sheffield Half Marathon


The bulk of the waste from the Sheffield Half Marathon as to be expected was plastic water bottles and we estimate each runner consumed on average 4 bottles The waist weight is slightly inaccurate as some bottles still have water remaining in them so we estimate the true recycled weight to be around 2 tonnes this is taken to a local transfer station for recycling and processing.


Litter Picking & Road Sweeping Sheffield Half Marathon

The whole course had to be swept by a road sweeper prior to the event taking place to ensure it was safe for all taking part and to remove any trip hazards the whole course was then swept by the road sweeper and litter picked but the Clearance And Clean Up Ltd team on completion with some great help from the volunteers and the Run for All Staff.

The Difficult Part Of Sheffield Half Marathon Clean Ups

  • Gell Shots ( These are little foil packets full of slugger that stick to the road like glue)
  • Road Closures ( We understand the hassle these bring to the general public and means we have to be fast in the clean up)
  • Distance ( Most of the course has to be walked by the litter picking team carrying waste.


The Result Sheffield Half Marathon

A fantastic days enjoyed by all and helped some local charities raise some money that will make a difference we organised and actioned

See you next year



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Tom Pickering

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