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Complete List of Worksop Charity Shops

The people of the UK love a walk around the charity shops and Worksop has its fair share. It’s a great way to do your bit for charity and grab a bargain.

It’s also good for finding a home for your unwanted items whilst making a donation. Ensuring they’re reused and recycled.

Whether you’re planning a walk around the shops or trying to find a home for your unwanted furniture. Here, we have compiled a list of all the Worksop charity shops. As well as their locations and contact details.


What if the Worksop charity shops won’t take my unwanted items?

When it comes to bags of clothes, games and toys, charity shops will usually take them. But large items such as furniture are less likely to be accepted.

This is because furniture must have all original fire safety labels. It is more difficult to store and can end up costing the charity shops to recycle. For these reasons, charity shops are choosier. Only accepting items of furniture which are in great condition and are likely to sell.

If you’re struggling to find a home for your items but need them removed, we offer a Worksop recycling service. You can book online 24/7 and we’ll be with you within 24 to 48 hours.


Worksop charity shops


Address: 98 Bridge St, Worksop S80 1HZ

Phone: 01909 530514



Address: Unit B, 63 Newcastle Ave, Worksop S80 1LX

Phone: 01909 482651



Address: Unit E, Raymoth Ln, Worksop S81 7AZ

Phone: 01909 474314


Bassetlaw Hospice Shop

Address: 3A Newcastle Ave, Worksop S80 1EY

Phone: 01909 808856


British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrical

Address: 2 Bridge Pl, Worksop S80 1JS

Phone: 01909 521450


Cancer Research UK

Address: 5A Newcastle Ave, Worksop S80 1EY

Phone: 01909 473234



Address: Worksop S80 1JS

Phone: 01909 472551


Home Farm Trust Ltd

Address: 76 Bridge St, Worksop S80 1JA

Phone: 01909 501253


Hope Community Services

Address: 14a Bridge St, Worksop S80 1JQ

Phone: 01909 531294



Address: Unit 33, Worksop S80 1JR

Phone: 01909 484709



Address: 33 Carlton Rd, Worksop S80 1PD

Phone: 01909 474100


The ExtraCare Charitable Trust - Charity Shop

Address: Priory Shopping Center, Unit 39, Worksop S80 1JR

Phone: 01909 489702


The Salvation Army

Address: Castle St, Worksop S80 1LQ

Phone: 01909 475806


Need more help?

Click here to check out our Worksop recycling services. Our team will collect your items from where ever they are, inside or outside the property, and you don’t need to lift a finger.


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